Breathtaking Nature Landscapes of Iceland by Jesús M. García

Jesús M. García
Jesús M. García is an professional landscape and travel photographer currently based in Toledo, Spain. Jesús travels around the world looking for the best possible light for photography. He shoots incredible nature, travel and nightscape landscape photography. His works have been awarded prizes all over world in different international photo contest as the Trierentberg Super Circuit, The Al-thani awards for photography, The International Epson Pano Awards, The International Photography Awards, Digital Photo World, Siena International Photo Awards, etc….García uses Nikon D810 camera with Nikkor 14-24 F/2.8 G ED AF-S, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED-AF-S and Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED-AF-S lens.

Neon Desert: Mysterious Lights of Desert by Stefano Gardel

Stefano Gardel
Stefano Gardel is a 37-year-old photographer and chiropractor who was born in Milan, Italy and currently lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland. Stefano focuses on landscaping, he travels the world, enjoys taking photographs of places and people. His latest series titled "Neon Desert" Gardel captured the lunar desert at the end of a sunset which has a pinkish glow.

Hibernation: Fine Art Landscapes of Norway by Øystein Sture Aspelund

Øystein Sture Aspelund
Øystein Sture Aspelund is a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway who shoots both analog and digital photography. Øystein likes to explore themes and investigate ideas through series of images. His photographical journey started in 2009. His background from architecture affects his work, motivation and choices of topics. "I like to travel where my camera takes me, often to places people don’t know exist", he says. "I try to show the world in a different way than people usually see it."

Beautiful Italian Landscapes by Massimo Pistone

Cerreto Laghi Reggio Emilia
Cerreto Laghi Reggio Emilia
Massimo Pistone is an electrician with a strong passion for photography who currently lives and works in La Spezia, Liguria, Northern Italy. Massimo focuses on landscaping, he shoots incredible nature, cityscape and travel photography. Pistone uses NIKON D610 camera with 16-35 F4, 24-70 f2,8 and 70-200 f4 vr2 lens.

Travel and Urban Landscape Photography by Dorian Pellumbi

Dorian Pellumbi is a talented self-taught photographer, architect and designer who was born in Albania and currently lives and works in Cesena, Italy. Dorian shoots a lot of travel, urban, landscape, architecture and portrait photography.

Beautiful Travel Landscapes by Sert Mehmet

Sert Mehmet is a talented self-taught photographer currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. Sert shoots a lot of travel, landscape, cityscape and nature photography.

Nature Landscape Photography by Ryan Dyar

Ryan Dyar is a talented self-taught photographer, traveler and educator currently based in Seattle, Washington. "I've somehow gotten lucky enough to not work a "real" job for the past several years and can call myself a Professional Photographer... but "Professional" is a term I use lightly," he says. Ryan shoots amazing nature, adventure and travel landscape photography.