Nature Landscape Photography by Ryan Dyar

Ryan Dyar is a talented self-taught photographer, traveler and educator currently based in Seattle, Washington. "I've somehow gotten lucky enough to not work a "real" job for the past several years and can call myself a Professional Photographer... but "Professional" is a term I use lightly," he says. Ryan shoots amazing nature, adventure and travel landscape photography.

Stunning Long Exposure Landscapes of New Zealands by Brent Purcell

Brent Purcell is a talented photographer who was born in Palmerston North and currently lives and works in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand. Brent specialises in long exposure landscape photography, he spends a considerable amount of time capturing the South Island. "I am always looking to capture the beauty and lifestyle that New Zealanders are so lucky to have at their doorstep," he says. "To me, photography is all about being at one with your surroundings, appreciating it, being in awe with it, and trying to capture the scene just the way that nature created it."

Beautiful Nature Landscapes of Switzerland by Fabio Zingg

Fabio Zingg is a talented 17-year-old self-taught photographer, filmmaker and explorer from Saint Gall, Switzerland. Fabio shoots amazing adventure, travel and nature landscape photography. "I like to breath fresh mountain air," he says.

Spectacular Travel Landscape Photography by Gavin Hardcastle

Abraham Lake, Nordegg, Canada
Abraham Lake, Nordegg, Canada
Gavin Hardcastle is an professional landscape photographer and educator currently based in Calgary, BC, Canada. Gavin focuses on landscaping, he shoots amazing nature, astrophotography and travel landscape photography. Hardcastle uses Sony A7RII, Sony A7R and Sony A6000 cameras.

Magical Travel and Adventure Landscape Photography by Catherine Simard

Catherine Simard
Catherine Simard a.k.a. mydetoxtravel is a talented self-taught photographer and filmmaker who was born in Quebec and currently based in Twizel & Mount Cook, New Zealand. After quitting her job as an Art director, Fashion stylist and Model, she left Quebec and spent 2 years exploring Australia, New-Zealand, Hawaii and Indonesia, while showcasing her travels to her audience, mainly on her Instagram page.

Stunning Urban Landscape Photography by Nathalie Geffroy

Nathalie Geffroy
Nathalie Geffroy a.k.a. nathparis is a talented self-taught photographer currently based in Paris, France. Nathalie shoots amazing street, landscape, food and portrait photography. Geffroy was an artistic director in visual communication before deciding to devote herself to photography. Her clients include: Samsung, Air France, Belambra, Veja, Bobbies, Courtyart Marriott, Carrera, Clusewatches, Produits Laitier, Canal+ and others.

Gorgeous Travel Landscape Photography by Fritz Bacon

Fritz Bacon

Fritz Bacon is a talented photographer and filmmaker who was born and raised in Colorado and currently lives and works in New York City. Fritz spends most of his time spend, he shoots a lot of adventure, landscape and aerial photography.