Beautiful Landscape Photography by Gabe Rodriguez

Gabe Rodriguez
Gabe Rodriguez is an lead designer and photographer from Watsonville, who currently based in Pacific Grove. Gabe received his degree in computer science with an emphasis on telecommunications from CSU Monterey Bay. "I grew into photography after years of toning photos for the newspaper and was able to take on the photography at my current job at TMD," he says. Rodriguez shoots a lot of urban, landscape and portrait photography.

Stunning Night Landscape Photography by Cale Best

Cale Best
Cale Best is a talented photographer based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He shoots a lot of travel, landscapes, abandoned places and night scenes.

The Beauty of Lofoten Islands by Johny Goerend

Johny Goerend
Johny Goerend is a talented self taught photographer and web developer based in Kleinbettingen, Luxembourg. Johny uses Canon EOS 5D Mark III, he shoots a lot of nature, landscape and travel photography.

Foggy Landscapes of Slovenian Forests by Filip Eremita

Filip Eremita
Filip Eremita is a self taught nature photographer and mushrooms and weather enthusiast based in Slovenia, who shoots a lot of nature, animals and landscape photography.

Amazing Autumn Landscapes Of The Lake District by Verity Milligan

The Lake District by Verity Milligan
Verity Milligan is a freelance professional photographer and educator working out of the city of Birmingham, UK. These images she taken over one weekend in early November, mostly around Derwentwater. Verity shoots a lot of nature, landscape and travel photography.

Finnish Forests And Trees by Joni Niemelä

Joni Niemelä
Joni Niemelä is a talented self taught photographer based in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. Joni shoots a lot of nature, fine art and landscape photography. His work is known for a bold use of distinct colors and tones. Niemelä has been capturing the world around him for over a decade, and his photographs have been published in a large variety of media globally.

Stunning Photos of Japan’s Cherry Blossom by Nationwide Geographic

Sakura River

Sakura River
Photo credits: Danilo Dungo

The cherry blossom sweeps along the length of the country each year, beginning with Okinawa in the far south in February and working its way along Japan to northern Hokkaido in May. Tokyo usually sees its first blossoms in the dying days of March, with full bloom falling around April 5. Kyoto follows a day or two later, while the mountainous areas around Takayama and Matsumoto bloom about two weeks later - beginning in mid-April. (Here is a calendar for the expected bloom dates.)