Stunning Travel and Adventure Photography by Elliot Hawkey

Elliot Hawkey
Gorgeous travel landscapes by Elliot Hawkey, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and adventurer currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Elliot focuses on landscaping and nature photography. He shoots amazing mountainscapes, lakes, seascapes and astrophotography. Hawkey has over 52.300 followers on Instagram and counting.

Roughly two years ago I found myself with a used camera, a tank full of gas, and a desire to find something new. So I drove, and more often than not I was alone and learning from countless mistakes. I emptied and re-filled my gas tank thousands of times, and logged over 100,000 miles on the open road. Finding myself in places I never knew existed, and never would have without a camera. At some point during this time however, I knew the road wasn't enough in itself, so I decided to put my camera in a backpack rather than a car seat. Far from civilization, and with only the essentials to survive, I woke up exactly where I wanted to be. It's been an amazing ride, and since that day two years ago I've found that my journey has been about viewing the world, and each other, in the best light.
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