Wonderful Travel Landscape Photography by Maricel Quesada

Maricel Quesada is a gifted self-taught photographer, and adventurer who was born and raised in Costa Rica but currently based in Northern California. Maricel focuses mainly on nature, landscape, and travel photography. "My favorite subject is nature, everything that lets me get closer to our beautiful earth: landscapes, macro, wildlife", she says.

Beautiful Long Exposure Landscapes in Sydney by Jose Luis Cantabrana Garcia

Jose Luis Cantabrana Garcia is a talented photographer, and retoucher currently based in Sydney, Australia. Jose focuses mainly on nature, ocean, and landscape photography. He shoots also a lot of architecture and commercial shots.
For me, photographs are about moments. It’s how I feel when I take them, where I am in the world and who might surround me at the time. I feel peaceful while I sit taking long exposure pictures, yet the anticipation of how it will turn out excites me.

Gorgeous Natural Landscape in California by Mick Gow

Mick Gow is a talented photographer and designer from Australia who currently based in California, USA. Mick specializes in nature and landscape photography. He has almost 20K followers on Instagram.

Wonderful Landscape and Drone Photography by Thomas Gallopin

Stunning outdoor landscapes by Thomas Gallopin, a gifted photographer, adventurer, and drone pilot from Haute-Savoie, France. Thomas shoots lot of landscapes, outdoors, and aerial shots. He uses Nikon and DJI.

Beautiful Landscape Photography in Norway by Hans Gunnar Aslaksen

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen is a multi-talented photographer, graphic designer, and artist currently based in Larvik, southern Norway. Hans focuses on landscape and nature photography. "I am a self-taught photographer and is eager to dive deeper into the fantastic world of landscape photography", he says. Aslaksen has almost 20K followers on Instagram.

Moody Adventure and Landscape Photography by Allan Puls

Allan Puls
Allan Puls is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, and adventurer currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Allan focuses on landscape, travel, and lifestyle photography. He shoots amazing places and portraiture. Puls has over 23.600 followers on Instagram.

Amazing Outdoor Landscapes in Scotland by Simon Atkinson

Absolutely stunning landscapes by Simon Atkinson, a talented self-taught photographer and adventurer from North Scotland. Simon specializes in nature and landscape photography. He is a winner of Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019 Autumn Category.
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