Breathtaking Landscapes of Iceland by Joel Hyppönen

Joel Hyppönen

Joel Hyppönen is a talented self-taught photographer, traveler, and drone pilot currently based in Hamar, Norway. Joel focuses on traveling and landscaping. He shoots a lot of nature, urban, and aerial landscapes. Today Hyppönen spends his time telling stories with a camera, crafting adventures and having fun as much as possible outside of city lights. "My main focus is documenting people and places in a natural way, highlighting the beauty of fleeting moments", he says.

After I found the love of my life - Anniken, and moved to Norway I developed curiosity to experience the vast wilderness I was surrounded by. This has been a game changer to me. What started by snapping images with my iPhone has over the past years developed into a serious love for the craft.
-Joel Hyppönen

More info: Instagram / Website

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