Photography by Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown’s aesthetic is graphic, linear and beautifully simple.  There’s an underlying pattern or form to what Thomas sees, a calmness within chaotic surroundings.  His vision brings a graceful stillness to the heart of his photographs.  In Thomas’s still lifes and landscapes, he responds to spaces, natural and architectural, combining creativity, resourcefulness and a love of detail.  He uses his cameras as facilitators of his ideas, looking for visual humour, playing with illusion and surface.

Thomas’s recent projects include the film piece Pop Pop Bang, a play on the imagery of B-movies, painted onto umbrellas, in unexpected juxtaposition with British landscapes; and an imagined tour of a rock god’s house.  Continuing his explorations of suspended objects in three-dimensional space, a new series draws tongue-in-cheek parallels between threatening yet weightless meteors and balls of scrunched-up paper.

Born in Aylesbury in 1981, Thomas Brown graduated from The Arts Institute in Bournemouth in 2004.  Following a move to London he worked in-house at Condé Nast and as an assistant to Dan Tobin Smith.

Thomas’s work has appeared in Wallpaper*, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Case da Abitaire, Intersection, Visionaire, Centrefold, The Matter Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, AnOther Magazine, British & Russian Vogue and i-D.  Clients include Art Fund, Dunhill, Coca-Cola, Swarovski, Nike, 3 Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Takashi Murakami and Marc Quinn.

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