South American Landscapes by Michael Bodiam

Michael Bodiam

Living and working in London, Michael Bodiam makes uncluttered and clinical still life photography. His images are disarmingly perfect, with nothing out of place. However these compositions are playful too and often carry a slapstick air of absurdity – balloons pulling tables into the air, highly desirable design objects balanced precariously one upon the other, vast mountains of pale lime packaging Styrofoam.

Bodiam sometimes arranges his still lives like minimalist sculptures and other times like trompe-l’oeil illusions, but always there’s a harmonious interplay of sleek surfaces, crisp shadows and carefully placed objects. For his Pasta series he has arranged and photographed single sticks of uncooked spaghetti as structural elements that seemingly hold up the walls while casting graphic lines upon the pristine set. In another image, wavy strands of Fettucce Ricce sharply intersect the space like plumbing. Outside of his studio work Bodiam has also travelled the world to shoot architectural studies and colourful landscapes in El Chaltén, a small mountain village in Argentina, as well as in California and around the forgotten places of London.

Clients seeking Michael Bodiam’s sharp perspective include the Financial Times, Mr. Porter, Nowness, Port, Stella McCartney, Wallpaper, AnOther Magazine and Disegno. He was recently commissioned to make a series of short films for Bally, and his work has been exhibited in spaces such as London’s Mall Galleries, Phillips de Pury & Company and the Royal Academy of Arts.

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