Travel Landscape Photography by James Green

James Green
James Green is a thirty years old avid photographer and student from Peterborough who currently lives and works near Leicester, East Midlands of England. "I’ve been taking photographs for nearly two thirds of my life. Before the age of digital, I initially had an abundance of disposables, I quickly realised that it would cost a fortune to keep taking photos like that", James explaines. Green shoots a lot of landscape, travel and street photography. He uses a 5mp Sony DSC-W12 compact camera.

I was about 13 when my mum got our first digital camera, a whopping 1.2mp beast.  The battery lasted for about 30 shots and it was far larger than most compacts that are around nowadays.  I thought it was amazing!  Luckily Moore’s law was in full swing by this time and improvements to every aspect of cameras were improving at an exponential rate.

More info: James Green | instagram

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