Breathtaking Landscapes of California by Dillon Saw

Dillon Saw
Dillon Saw is a talented 21-year-old self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in The San Francisco Bay Area. "I am a photographer who mostly takes pictures of landscapes and occasionally portraits", he says. "I also like to manipulate photos and make composites", Dillon adds.

I initially picked up a DSLR camera for that very reason, to catch those stunning sunsets in full detail that my phone couldn't. Since then, I shoot mostly landscapes and cityscapes, but I also enjoy portraiture as well. I live in the SF bay area and that means theres always something to shoot out there. The more I go out, the better I get, and that means learning new skills and practicing. I strive to be the best of my capabilities.

More info: Dillon Saw / facebook / instagram

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